Sunrise sound studio is a recording studio in Hampshire consisting of a large control room and fully treated live room and vocal booth. The control room is a relaxing space. The room has a wooden floor covered by a large Persian rug and with its lighting you can create any ambience you like.

At the heart of the control room is a Neve 8424 console and outboard gear. A large and comfortable sofa and coffee table are situated behind the console. Stereo monitoring is taken care of by a pair of Genelec 1031a, Yamaha ns10s and Avantone Pro Mixcubes.

The main studio makes use of a great selection of over discrete class-A preamps and DI’s, along with one of The world’s finest mics (Neumann U67, U87, Josephson engineering C700S, Coles 4038s etc) All recorded to an Apollo x16 with Pro Tools 12 or logic x.

With highly accurate monitoring and lots of classic outboard gear including SSL GBUS COMPRESSOR, KT PULTEC x2 , KT 1178, WARM AUDIO La2a, DistressorS X2, FATSO, BLUEY 1176, SUNRISE SOUND STUDIO makes for a great mixing environment. It’s a modern studio set-up that is designed to be extremely simple to use for other engineers.

The live room is easily big enough to host full band setups, and even smaller string ensembles. It also benefits from access to instruments and backline along with a spaces booth for amps or vocal recording.

All backline is available at no extra cost.