Sunrise Sound Studio

Sunrise Sound Studio is one of Hampshire’s best, most comfortable recording and writing studios. It consists of a large control room and an entirely acoustic treated live room and vocal booth based Near Andover.

The Neve 8424 console is at the heart of the studio and fits the needs of the modern hybrid studio, featuring multi-DAW automation & unparalleled connectivity to outboard gear. In addition, supreme sound quality is ensured by combining modern and vintage Neve topology, including voltage mixing through Marinair® transformers, made famous in the early 80-series consoles.

Sunrise Sound Studio is the perfect studio to start making and recording in. We have designed a creative haven. There is an excellent selection of mic pre-amps (including API, Neve), lots of top-end microphones, a fantastic choice of instruments, some great backlines with plenty of guitars and amps.

All recordings are done on the latest DAWS (Pro Tools, luna or Logic). In addition, the UAD Apollo 16 interface and Genelec, Yamaha ns10, and mix cubes monitors also serves as a powerful mixing room.